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Come visit Comus Market to experience the rural bounty of Montgomery County. You’ll find a wonderful range of fresh local products, including:

Pumpkins and Winter Squash
This is my specialty: I grow a large number of heirloom varieties — both native types and those from around the world — as well as some of the more familiar winter squashes and pumpkins. This year I offer 30 different varieties. Almost all of them are edible!

Apples & Cider
From the sweet and crisp Fuji to the juicy Jonagold and the tart Granny Smith (later in the season) I offer locally grown apples for eating and baking. Also, fresh cider from a local producer is available.

Jellies & Preserves
At Comus Market you’ll find a wide selection of delicious jams, jellies, relishes and and other preserves, including pickled cucumbers and peppers.

Local Honey and Hive Products
This golden treasure is produced by my own bees — from the fields, forests and wildflowers around Comus Market.