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Apples and Cider

Comus Market apples are supplied by a local Maryland grower. You’ll also find gallons and half-gallons of cider produced by a family-owned company in Frederick, Maryland.

The availability of varieties depends on the season:
At Comus Market you’ll find three to five varieties of locally grown apples, depending on the season. Take your pick: sweet, tart, and delicious combinations of the two!

Try a tasty Gala or Mutsu and for a juicy burst of flavor – Jonagold.

Late season apples include:

  • Stamen: an old-time favorite (and sometimes hard to find) – great for baking.
  • Fuji: simply delicious!
  • Granny Smith: mouth watering, lip-puckering tart.

Cider: The Drink of Autumn
Enjoy a cup of hot mulled cider or take home a half- or whole gallon jug of this refreshing cider, produced by a local family business in Frederick, Maryland.